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Valve studios do not disappoint. We are talking about one of the most important video game developers in the games and applications industry. No title that comes out of their production will leave us with doubts, on the contrary, we know that they will present us with some memorable work. To mention their greatest success, they are responsible for Counter-Strike, one of the titles that changed the history of the market. They also released, since its birth in 1996, Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2 and Dota 2. As we said, there is no delivery that is not a masterpiece.

In 2011, many fans were looking forward to the release of what would be another memorable elaboration. We refer to Portal 2. The game is the sequel to a small installment that in 2007 was part of The Orange Box, a product that consisted of Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2. Already at that time, the proposed resolution of Riddles in a world of artificial intelligences captured the attention of the specialized critics and players rising as a revelation and one of the best games of that year. Faced with such an event, there was no other option but to wait for a solo title of the enigmatic adventures of Chell and GlaDos.

Playing Portal 2 is an experience that can only be understood by going through each level, riddle and puzzle that the title proposes. Set in a future of advanced technology we will put ourselves in the shoes of the young Chell and we will have to solve the puzzles that are presented in each level. The tests are presented to us by the GlaDos robot and we will seek to solve all the mysteries of Aperture Science. The challenges are very well designed and the difficulty of each of them has a remarkable balance. That is to say, we will not find ourselves at any time with something that is either very difficult or very easy to solve.
If you wonder how to play Portal 2 get ready for a unique adventure. You will have to solve the different missions through the creation of portals that allow you to teleport. This mechanic is very good as it will develop your abilities and skills both as a player but also mentally. You will be required to use logic and a wide variety of physics skills. You will be facing a real mental test. Different types of objects are displayed on each map that will allow you to jump, slide, move and obtain the solution.

Valve's game is available for Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox One and Portal 2 can be downloaded on computers via Steam. Although its graphics, music and sound effects are not what can stand out the most, it is relevant to say that the voices are the best of the title. Firstly because they are translated into a good variety of languages ​​and secondly because the dialogues are really rich. The plot, the story, and the events that take place during this futuristic adventure are surprising and memorable. It even has one of the endings most valued by the community of players and specialists in general. One of the problems we find at this point is that by solving all the puzzles, the player will not have too many options to replay the adventure. There is not a great deal of bonus content.

However, one of the advantages of Portal 2 is that it has a cooperative mode available. The title has a series of missions and challenges that allow two players to solve it. This can be done online and supports the possibility of cross-play. While they are not too many and could have extended the story a bit more, they are certainly enjoyed.

Portal 2 is a must for all players who enjoy good and memorable titles. It is a delivery that cannot be missing from your collection. Over the years it remains one of Valve's memorable products. You must use your mind and enjoy the process until you reach the resolution of each level, puzzle and riddle. Although there are some elements to be solved or improved such as the audiovisual presentation or the lack of content once the experience is over, Portal 2 is a game that you should not miss if you have not enjoyed it yet.

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Portal 2

Get last review 11.04.2021
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- Very original proposal.

- Gameplay that challenges our mental abilities.

- Good sense of humor.

- Ability to play multiplatform.

- Voices dubbed into different languages with great quality.

- Good story.

- One of the classics of its generation.
- There are no options to replay it once we solve all the content.

- Cooperative mode could be further developed.

- It does not have a great elaboration in sound effects and music.

- Graphics could be a bit better.

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Portal 2 reappears in Fall Guys


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