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Unbelievable isn't it? A full year has passed and once again electronics arts is faced with the always imposing challenge of delivering a new Fifa that preserves what fans clearly enjoy but changes enough to justify one more year of challenging football than now without the journey or The champions as news seems even more complicated. Then they succeeded or you should leave Fifa on the bench until the next season. We'll see! Download Fifa 20 is a great alternative with all its new game modes!
Fifa has always boasted of being the all-in-one football experience that as well as lets you wear the official shirt of your favorite team controlling a star of the foot ball, allows you the fantasy of being a coach, playing local games with friends or in line and a time here enjoy an interesting story or play with youth teams. For Fifa 20 all that remains but the most important change is definitely the addition of volta which, for simplicity, is equivalent to a Fifa street adhered to the standard package.
Volta is a complete street soccer game within another game, it includes story mode, the volta league that is equivalent to online competitions and the volta tour that is a tour around the world where you face community teams, player recruits and unlock dozens of locations among which by a certain figure Mexico. The plot in the story mode is simple, you are part of a team that wants to compete in the world championships but suddenly its members prepare and it is necessary to travel around the world to be able to sign them again. There will be no prize for plot but it is the ideal pretext to deliver hours and hours of shells in a variety of situations and circumstances whenever there are matches with a wall, without a wall, with a goalkeeper or without a goalkeeper.
As you level up your character, you accumulate experience, skill points, and money that allow you to unlock path-style skills as well as dress up new gear for you and your team members.
It is important to clarify that although the analogy with Fifa Street is natural, Volta's approach is more realistic so that those who have played the spin off of yesteryear will feel that this mode is a little more serious; the rebounds on the walls and the goals do not come out automatically, the rivals that you overcome are not thrown into the humiliation and although doing tricks is easy by pressing the two control triggers simultaneously the machine will not eat them very often.
It is also interesting to know how to collect free throws in this new series. In Fifa 20 the free throw system has completely changed and I will explain the methods to collect them:
- First of all we have to be sure that we are going to collect the fault with the correct player who will be the one with the highest free throw precision, curvature and power statistics but you should know that the priority of these statistics will depend on what type of a free kick you want to do, a powerful free kick is not the same as one below the barrier.
In Fifa 20 you can position the player you will use for the free kick in 3 different ways, the default, the far and at 90º. You can change your player's type of stop by pressing R3 left or right but you must be careful not to move the joystick up or down as this will cause your player to charge the foul.
As you already know in Fifa 20 we have an indicator to aim, eye! that the indicator tells us where we will shoot without any effect on the ball, so once we have our sights on where to direct our free kick, that same indicator will indicate what power we are going to put and that will be a key point now that if we put a lot of power into it the free kick will be variable and will not go where we want it to go. The variability of the shot indicates it to us what is the white area around the free kick indicator which will increase depending on the power that we put to our collection.
There are many more interesting ways to collect free kicks that you will learn while playing this amazing version of Fifa 20! Animate and explore this new version for yourself. You can not stop downloading Fifa 20 in this new installment.

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Fifa 20

Get last review 11.04.2021
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- New tools in animations

- Fresh and stylish emphasis to personalize the course.

- Greater shooting power in some characters.

- Slower gameplay.

- More focused on realism.

- More intense and real stories.
- Women's soccer modeI do not advance at all.

- You have to have patience or money to have a competitive team.

- Some failures.

- Graphic section seems stagnant with respect to previous deliveries.

- Poor design of faces of soccer players.

- Important clubs are missing.

Latest NEWS

Fifa 20 already delivers prizes for its new delivery

Fifa 20 already delivers prizes for its new delivery


Fifa has its fans accustomed to one game per year. Fifa 20 was a huge success and the arrival of her successor is eagerly awaited. The company organized the Fifa 20 Pre Season in which they will award coins that can be used in the next edition of the football game

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