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The world of mobile phone games has grown in a very important way in recent years. Almost all the major companies and sagas have released titles that are available for Android and iOS. Many times it happens that the first attempts are not successful until they finally manage to find the formula that turns fans on and the app becomes a resounding success. Call of Duty, Activision's historic first-person shooter saga, went through this stage until since 2019 it has its well-deserved installment for small screens with Call of Duty Mobile.
Call of Duty Mobile came out in the second half of 2019 and is a joint development of the Chinese video game developer TiMi Studios (which is in turn part of the giant Tencent) and the American Activision. Let's remember that the North American firm is the official owner of the saga that was born in early 2000 and has titles on all consoles and computers. Some of them with record sales over the years.

Many were the users who wanted to play Call of Duty on mobile phones and now with the possibility of downloading Call of Duty Mobile for free they can achieve it. The long-awaited wait is over, and after some unsuccessful experiences, this installment arrived that more than meets the expectations of fans of the shooting title.
Among the advantages of Call of Duty Mobile we find that the app collects the best of two of the most important franchise sagas. We are referring to Black Ops and Modern Warfare. We find this reflected in the presence of mythical maps for the multiplayer option. The scenarios present are: Nuke Town and Firing Range from Black Ops 1, Colission from COD 4 and Hijacked from Black Ops 2. Also among the available characters are: John Price, David Mason, Alex Mason, Simon “Ghost” Riley and Thomas Merrick. As can be seen, a delight for the historical followers of Activision's star delivery.

Call of Duty Mobile can be installed for free on mobile phones and also offers the chance to be played on computers using an official emulator provided by the company. This option is useful for those who are not familiar with the use of controls on mobiles. However, it is good to clarify that the controls of the app are good and respond correctly. The title offers the possibility to configure whether you want to use simple or advanced mode and at the same time configure whether you prefer to aim with one touch, shoot from the hip or customize the way you attack.
With regard to graphics, the delivery is also complete and enables the user to configure in what quality he wants to see the graphics. You can choose between low, medium or high. A good tip is to use the lowest option to be able to run the title in the fastest way and have a better performance. The same happens with the frames per second which we advise you to leave in the highest alternative. Regarding the sensitivity of the movements can also be customized.

There are two game modes in Call of Duty Mobile. On the one hand we have the traditional multiplayer with the classics Domination, Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, Free For All or Team Deathmatch. On the other hand, we can enjoy an elaborate Battle Royale, the most famous genre in recent times. Here we will face ourselves against 100 other players in an epic confrontation that only one player or one team survives, depending on the modality we have chosen.
Activision's mobile offering is updated monthly with a battle pass that grants cosmetic items and weapon models. All our weapons can be configured and customized with the traditional characteristics that Call of Duty has used to.

After a while without success, Activision launches the mobile version that its most important product deserved. The main achievement is to unify all the best of two of his best deliveries and for free. There are game options both for traditional multiplayer users and for fans of the Battle Royale mode.

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Activision
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- Free download

- Traditional maps

- Characters from previous sagas

- Option to play on computer
- Some people may find the controls complex

- May present failures after updates

- Servers heavily loaded

- Many animations that can make it somewhat slow
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Call of Duty Mobile

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