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More and more fans of mountain bikes, the feeling of speed in nature while doing sports is something that all cyclists agree on. To this must be added the difficulty involved in traveling through the mountain, since the terrain is not as uniform as it can be in the city, and the routes that exist can change from one day to another, so each new day you go it is a new adventure.

To practice this sport until now you only needed a bicycle, protections and your desire to climb the highest peaks emulating the best cyclists, but it is true that little by little mobile games and applications have been making a dent in this world, becoming the inseparable companions of the vast majority of cyclists, amateurs or not. There are countless apps that help you control your routes, know your times or even keep in touch when you travel many kilometers away, but without a doubt, what is most successful are video games.

These mobile games are a way to disconnect from the routine and kill time, adding an extra point for being one of the favorite passions of these adventurers, mountain biking. Among all those that there are, you will find one that is truly interesting because of the way it is raised, we are talking about the game Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing, a very addictive title that will make you love mountain bikes even more with very good graphics that will make you your adrenaline rises and you will feel that it is a real adventure.

With this title you will become a true high mountain cyclist and in which you will have to overcome all the challenges that are proposed to you to be the best. You will put yourself in front of your own bike with the main objective of demonstrating your handlebar skills. Download Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing, you find it available for Android and iOS devices.

With a very careful interface, playing Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing can be very fun if you control all its functions, from the developer company itself they want you to have a good time and that is why as soon as you start you will find a tutorial with which you will know all the secrets of this title and that will make it easy for you to control it like a true professional.

To understand its game mechanics it is very important that you know how to use its controls, since the sensation is so similar to reality that the bike has the same movements as a real one, so you will have to maintain its stability in the jumps and pirouettes , something that you will also have to master to win the games.

Other highlights of this game can be found in the beauty of its decorations, cared to the millimeter to achieve beautiful tracks where nature and action come together to give the user some dreamlike images. It includes 20 mountains and more than 100 different circuits. In this way you will never get bored, in addition, you can customize your motorcycle as you want and make it unique.

In each of these tracks you will find different obstacles that you will have to overcome to make some incredible jumps. With each pirouette you perform you will get a score, the more difficult and more spectacular they are, the more you will win so do not be afraid of flying through the air. Show your worth and get the best score with your combos and tricks. The combination of speed and big jumps can mean heavy blows for your rider, the graphics of Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing are so realistic that you will see how your protagonist falls tumbling down the track.

It has different game modes with which to test your skills, such as timed races or the different temporary events it has. In all of them there are objects that you can unlock and add to the characteristics of your bike, such as decorative elements, speed or agility adjustments, etc.

One of the advantages of Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing is in competitions. Although they will not compete directly with other users, if it has a ranking in which you can see the score of the others and in what position you are. In this way the competition will be with yourself to continue improving and climbing the ladder.

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Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing

Get last review 17.05.2021
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- The jumps and falls are very realistic

- Great variety of circuits.

- Many maps available.

- High level of customization.
- It becomes repetitive over time.

- The combos are not executed well.

- The controls are not easy.

- Few updates.

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