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There are many music streaming applications, each one different from the others and seeking to satisfy the needs of users. This is the case of Pandora, a project that revolutionized the landscape, being the first platform of its kind. Launched in 2000, the main idea its ideologues were looking for was to get a place where they could find comprehensive analyzes of the music they listened to, hence the name they put on it, The Music Genome Project.

Created by a group of music lovers, its objective was to capture the very essence of the melodies, starting from the depths of each theme's own base, and classifying it in such a way as if they were human genes.

At the beginning of the century the way in which we played our songs was very different from how we do it now, if before we had to download tracks to listen to them on our devices, now it is something that for some is unthinkable. There are a million free platforms on our mobile phones that do that. In the case of Pandora, you will find it available to download for free in the Google Play Store and App Store.

Pandora is the direct competition of the big platforms like Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play Music. Although it is not available in all countries, it has more than 80 million users worldwide, has managed to survive and evolve over time and adapt to what the public wants to hear.

Being the oldest service of those that exist, the veteran is a grade, and has much more experience than its competitors when it comes to dealing with the usability changes of users, being one of the apps with more personality.

In its origins Pandora offered was a service of personalized stations, based on a song that the user chose according to their personal tastes, the application began to play music of the same style, does it sound familiar to you? Before Spotify did it, Pandora was already doing it.

With Pandora you can listen to what you want and when you want, it is available for most devices and to download it all you have to do is check if your smartphone is on the list of compatible ones.

To enjoy all its advantages it is essential to have an account in the app, even if it is the free version, but with it we will enjoy the many advantages that Pandora offers us.

To create your profile it is as easy as clicking on Register, provide your email, a password and you will become a member of the Pandora community, you will have on your mobile all the music on the platform in one click. The first step you have to take once you are inside is to include the name of the group or song you want, you can choose between genres or artists, and Pandora will create a personalized channel with tracks similar to your tastes.

As you write letters, Pandora will suggest names, at the moment the one you are looking for appears, just click on it. This first option is only to start on the platform, with the option to change it as many times as you want or create a new one.


Pandora is free, but you also have the option to pay a subscription for $ 9.99 a month and become Pandora Premium, with which we will not have any limit in its catalog. You can choose between the two options, the only difference is that in the free one you will not have full control over the application and from time to time advertising will skip while you play your favorite songs. You also have the possibility to subscribe to Pandora Plus, which is for listening to online radio. The two are not included for the same price, it is one or the other, and to enjoy them both you would have to pay another monthly fee.

One of the advantages that Pandora offers us is the possibility of downloading the music we want to listen to it at another time without an Internet connection, although it is only possible with the Premium version.

Whether you are a user of a free account or a Premium account, you can create your own playlists, where you will have all your songs ordered without limits. Neither will we have them when changing tracks whenever we want, as well as selecting a specific one from our list.

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Get last review 17.05.2021
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-Free and premium service.

-Access millions of songs with Pandora Premium.

-Pandora Premium Features.

-Available on different devices.

-Free Pandora Premium trial.
-Available only in the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

-There is no family plan for Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium.

- For the same price you do not have all the payment options, you have to pay double

- Advertising between songs that cut the experience

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Pandora adds an Afro-Latin radio

Pandora adds an Afro-Latin radio


Afro-Latin rhythms are among the most influential in the evolution of global music. The streaming site Pandora seeks to recognize them by launching a series of themed radio stations around those sounds. After the premiere of Afro Colombia, the Afro Boricua channel is now added. The next ones are Afro Cuba and Afro Quisqueya

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