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We are increasingly committed to the environment and the fight to protect it is reaching levels that we would not have suspected until now. Any medium is important and contributes its grain of sand, that is why mobile applications were not going to stop before this global problem that affects us all.

One of the main problems in our society today is the pressing threat of climate change. This endangers our entire ecosystem and the proposed solutions come with a dropper and all are welcome, all help is good and we all have our share of responsibility. Simply by adapting our daily actions we can contribute our small gestures to achieve a better world.

In our day to day the online part is very present, being the applications what we use the most hours, why not use them to save the planet? We have the answer in a mobile application that allows us to surf the Internet and continue contributing to the environment, Ecosia.

It is the greenest and most committed search engine on the net, Created in 2009, it is based in Berlin, works together with Bing and with a custom search engine created by Google itself. Since then it has not stopped growing, with a clear objective, to donate 80% of its income to a tree planting program together with associations such as WeForest.

To date, they have managed to plant more than 108 million trees, breaking their own records. Download Ecosia for free, you find it available for Android and iOS.

The interface that this app has is very similar to that of other search engines, so its use will be very easy for you if you have already used any of them before, which surely has. Its action is focused on those countries with the most forest damage, such as Spain, one of the places with one of the fastest desertifications.

There are people who are not clear about its operation and doubt its privacy policy, but Ecosia is a very secure application, which guarantees that your data is not sold to advertisers and they do not have trackers. By not using tracking services, they prevent other external agents from accessing searches. Search everything you want, it does not save your searches, you always encrypt them with security protocols.

Its operation is simple, with each search you do in this search engine you will be contributing your grain so that a new tree is planted somewhere in the world, completely free of charge.

Its search engine is fast and reliable, in which you will have everything you need to have, such as tabbing, private mode, search history, creating your own favorites lists and downloading files from the app itself.

One of their goals is to reach the figure of one billion new trees by 2020, so their commitment is based on the planet, not on the money they could earn and the benefits they obtain. They want to build a greener and healthier world for its inhabitants, so make sure the profits don't come out of Ecosia.

It has its own solar plant, so the searches carried out by its users are 100% renewable and with each new tree that plants around 1 kg of the CO2 that exists in the atmosphere is eliminated, so just by looking you are already taking care the planet and its biosphere. Download Ecosia and help the environment.

The population of the entire world needs oxygen to survive, more than 25% of them depend directly on forest resources, that is why they have chosen trees as a symbol to combat climate change, restore landscapes and protect fauna and flora wild. In addition, in this way food, employment and education are provided to the most disadvantaged communities. This is a long-term project that helps them to be happier and to achieve social and economic stability so that they do not live in inequality.

One of the characteristics of Ecosia is its transparency policy. For them, the trust of their users is very important and that is why they do not hesitate to put all their resources so that they continue to trust their work. That is why every six months they publish their financial reports on their website, as well as a receipt of the trees they have planted, likewise, the figure is constantly updated on their home page, so you can always know the exact figure.

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- For each search you help to plant a free tree.

- You can see your updated data.

- It does not save navigation data.

- The results are very fast.
- Does not play videos.

- Searches may fail.

- It has no dark mode.

- It has no data saving mode
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